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"Beautiful, hilarious, terrifying, honest and real."

Loz Blain,  New Atlas

Self-flight heroes Nelson Tyler and Bill Suitor, join forces with rookie David Mayman on his gravity defying quest to build & fly the world’s first Jetpack. 

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The Sunday Times

“Back in the early 1990s, Clive James regularly welcomed to his show a stuntman named Super Dave Osborne, a breezily determined character, played by Bob Einstein, whose daring exploits inevitably culminated in terrible injury. That sort of lunatic optimism and disregard for personal safety is what brought Australian David Mayman to Sydney Harbour in July to demonstrate his flying jet pack. Tourists gawped and traffic stopped as he whizzed over the water, alighting like a comic-book hero. This charming documentary is the tale of the previous 12 obsessive years, of melted shoes and fuel burns deep to the bone.” – Helen Stewart, The Times

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“A stunning testament to innovation, risk taking, invention and unstoppable will. It nakedly shows the two most valuable things that pioneers bring to the table – endless failures outweighed by even more endless resilience. ” – Loz Blain, New Atlas

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UK Goggleboxers watch Own The Sky with some amusing reactions!


“Described as “Man on Wire with a jetpack”, Gregory Read’s fascinating documentary delves into the relentless obsession of Australian David Mayman, who embarked on the seemingly impossible quest of flying the world’s first jetpack around the Statue of Liberty in 2015. Shot over 10 years, the film looks back at the likes of the Wright Brothers and explains how they also must’ve looked like maniacs as they tried to launch themselves skyward on nothing but the power of their own ingenuity. But the main focus is Mayman, a qualified commercial helicopter pilot whose attempts to fulfil his childhood dream eventually turn into an all-consuming addiction that nearly costs him his family – and his life.” Kevin Courtney, Irish Times

Behind The Scenes

Jetpack man David Mayman and Film Director Gregory Read chat candidly about their 12 year journey together in this series of insightful post-documentary interviews.

” People tell me that I’ve come so far in 10 years, but we’re at day one of another 20-year adventure. “
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